The Details about Printing 3D Modeling Services 3D Artists are Silent about

Do you want to know more about 3d modeling prints? We’ve collected some special effects which aren’t written on 3d art studios’ websites.

The Details about Printing 3D Modeling Services 3D Artists are Silent about

3d modeling services can hardly surprise anybody now, but if you ask a person how the objects are created – you won’t get a proper answer. The same goes for printing. Everybody knows what is it, but describing the process seems to be impossible. We’ve looked through some professionals’ websites and are ready to share the knowledge with you.

Fact №1 – printing is the same as cooking pancakes

Of course, we mean that you must spoil before you spin. The first 3d models usually have some mistakes, because the experience is necessary to create the ideal objects. That’s why when you see a ready-made object on a 3d artist website, know – this modeler is experienced.

After dozens of projects one will know:

  • The most suitable materials for one or another object;
  • The main rules of filling and how thick the walls should be;
  • Information about geometric constraints.

Fact №2 – it’s hard to find a reliable 3d art studio

If you’ve ever wanted a printed 3d object, you know how much time one should spend to find this very company. We’ve looked through a numerous number of websites and have an outsourced company to recommend.

  • 3dreach has more than 10-years working experience;
  • The team works not only with printing but with an exterior, interior, high-poly and other types of modeling;
  • The rich portfolio proves this 3d modeling team will cope with your task.

So, don’t get lost in freelancers’ portfolios and search a little bit wider. Companies provide 3d modeling services of better quality.

Fact №3 – software is everything

Do you want to try 3d printing yourself? We don’t recommend you doing it however if you have 3d modeling experience. People choose to apply for 3d art outsourcing for good reason. And we’ve collected a few of them:

  • High-quality licensed software costs much;
  • Mastering the software by finishing online courses costs even more;
  • You’ll lose much time on understanding the processes yourself, confide your task to professionals;
  • The materials will be spoiled for the first time, so again – you’ll lose money.


In conclusion, we want to say that 3d printing, as other 3d modeling services, is a hard thing requiring special skills and way of thinking. That’s why we recommend asking for specialists’ help if you want to print something, and choosing the modeling company wisely. Always look at the reviews and portfolios.

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