CRM for call center – increase your conversion dramatically

How to develop own CRM to decrease expenses on contact center? How to raise the number of the leads to the company brought to real sale?

To estimate and improve the work of business division which interacts with clients (contact center, the call-center, managers on phone, etc.) try to digitize one’s activity. We will sort on an example.

The company makes a B2C-product and sells it through the network of dealers. Contacts of clients are registered in Excel and are transferred to dealers. According to the staff of the contact center, 95% of calls are processed. Only not answered calls belong to the raw addresses. But there are questions: whether such reporting suffices to estimate whether the contact center copes with the tasks? How operators provide service to clients? Whether they call back to those who couldn’t call? Whether are taped telephone conversation for the subsequent assessment of quality?

The professional call center CRM software is a key in the course of work with clients in your company. Use of CRM for call of the center allows solving 2 main objectives facing any company – increase in sales and growth of client base.
Simply, the principle of work of any CRM is based on the systematization of your clients and goods which you advance. Of course, money is only a unit of measure of the value of your product. But we speak about money to measure the degree of usefulness and demand for your product.
Customer Relationship Management System for call of the center as much as possible simplifies relationship with constants or the first time by the called clients. It allows getting the evident advantages – to form the base of contacts, uniform for the company, in the automatic mode and to use it for the adoption of reasonable decisions on production and marketing policy.
It also allows to simplify holding marketing actions and researches of the market and can provide marketing automation. The detailed information allows to carry out surveys among potentially interested clients that increases the reliability of the received result.

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