Better Details for the Best Deals Now in SEO

SEO, from English Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as web positioning, is the set of strategies and actions that are carried out on a website with the objective of placing your pages in the best possible position in the list of Results of a search engine (SERPs or search engine results page) that gives us a web search engine for certain searches (keywords). The SEO In Phoenix takes care of the following entire set of works.

The origin of the SEO

  • SEO was born out of the need for the first companies with online presence to be found on the web. Soon they realized that it was not enough just to have an online presence through the creation of a web page, it had to be seen and thus the online marketing was born.
  • The solution happens to appear in the first pages, or first positions in the best case, of the search results for the terms that most describe the activity, product or business of the company. With this, you get a great visibility, and most importantly, the visibility of your target at the precise moment in which you are interested in what the company markets, with the importance that this has in the buying process.
  • To achieve these privileged positions, the website must be, at least, designed and programmed to compete within the “regulation” dictated by search engines. The regulation that determines when, how and where each web appears for a certain search is called algorithm and are the most saved secret of any search engine.

In case it was not already complicated enough, these algorithms are changing day by day, improving their internal functioning with the aim of satisfying the user in each place and instantly and against SPAM or in other words, against of the shortcuts that the professional SEO seeks to use to meet the needs of its clients. These are the updates of the search engine algorithm.

The Google algorithm

Although there are a large number of search engines, GOOGLE is currently the search engine par excellence. On the operation of the Google algorithm we can only know what the company itself is giving up droplets in its blog. This information, plus the experience of each professional SEO, plus the knowledge about the environment (programming, networks, servers) and a good marketing strategy are the keys to the success of any SEO web positioning project.

How does the Google algorithm work?

Well that’s what we would like to know to all the professionals in the web positioning sector.In general terms, and following the chronology of updates to the Google algorithm , we can say that the Google algorithm is based on a fundamental principle:


The most referenced content is what, a priori, can be considered as the highest quality and most important for other users, therefore it deserves the best position. It is based on this formulation that a scale of values, called PageRank, was developed, from which all the indexed web pages would be classified for subsequent sorting in the search results.

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