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Perfection in the Professional Usage of Abby Fine Reade

ABBYY Fine Reader is a program that can convert any type of images to formats of everyday applications such as Word, Excel, PowePoint, Open Office (TXT, HTML, RTF, ODT), etc. You can also make the representation of documents and convert them to PDF.

ABBYY Fine Reader integrates advanced conversion technologies such as:

  • OCR , for optical character recognition
  • ICR for intelligent character recognition
  • OMR for the optical recognition of marks
  • OBR to be able to recognize bar codes

In addition to the text, all other elements such as tables, graphs, numbering, indexes, etc. they will be converted respecting the order in which they were and without losing quality. That’s because of the powerful tools to process the images. One of its most useful features is that it allows grouping different types of documents into one. Through the abbyy FineReader free download the deals are perfect now.

Download this application 11 and you will get exact copies of your most important documents in the formats that suit you best. This version is intended for Spanish-speaking people, although it also recognizes the best-known European languages ​​(English, German, French, etc.).

Do you need to convert your digital documents into editable documents? This program is a powerful program to recognize text and imagesof scanned documents or documents from a digital camera and convert them to DOC or PDF.

ABBYY Fine Reader is very simple to use and very intuitive . There are many automated tasks so that with a single click you get the results you expected. In addition, it converts documents with a very high precision, so that most of the time you will not have to make any modification to the final product.

This powerful optical character recognition software is capable of many more options such as:

  • Edit blocked data in any PDF (even those that only contain images).
  • Create PDF documents with the possibility of searching.
  • Extract text from photographs or other captured images.
  • ABBYY Fine Reader also owes its magnificent results to several dictionaries in several languages ​​that it has incorporated and to the support of text placement.
  • Download this software to your computer and you will be able to convert your digital files in very few clicks and with professional results.

Discover the advantages

  • Convert scans and PDF files in Word or Excel
  • Improve scans and mobile phone photos
  • Combine numerous scans and files in a PDF

Convert texts into 190 languages ​​in any kind of language combination, comprisingChinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic

Convert scans and PDF to Word and Excel

Now it’s easier than ever to convert documents and photos into editable file formats. All you have to do is scan the document with the MFP, open the scan in ABBYY Fine Reader and save it as Word and Excel, preserving precisely the fonts, tables and designs. You can also edit and convert the whole document or just a part and save it as Excel. You will not have to write anything again. Just use the MFP and Fine Reader equipment.


Best Backup With the Proper Servers For You

Backup is like insurance, it’s when you need it that you realize its usefulness.Too many businesses have closed shop because of an incident in their server room. In the digital age, it is difficult not to fear this type of event that can ruin years of hard work.

But the computer world, as a good pyromaniac firefighter, was able to create the solution to the dependence he generated: the computer backup.And today there is a plethora of offers on the market.

But then, how do you choose the right backup solution for your business data?

For critical data, it is better to provide belt and shoulder straps. The good practice is to release your backups from the premises. Different business solutions exist: LTO tape, RDX disk, network outsourcing, and replication on a remote site or in the cloud.

Save is good

Being able to restore your backups is better. Because restoration is the raison d’être of backup, it is a criterion that cannot be more important. Choose a device that will make your data safe, without the process dropping.

Unproductive activity if it is, the backup should not take you time, because the real work of the ISD is to take care of the users. 15 seconds a day: this is the time needed to open the email sent by your backup device, telling you that everything went well. Do not spend more time every day.

Making a copy of his data at a time it is not enough. If a virus infected this copy, you would not have a “healthy” version of your data. That’s why it’s crucial to keep multiple versions of your backup. For the data to be archived, store it on external media and avoid cluttering your disk space.

Updates, bugs, small everyday computer malfunctions slow you down and consume your precious time. Do not let them impact your backup device; choose one that runs on your own.The good at bare metal servers are there with the best deals here now.

Not all companies have a computer ace at their disposal, and even aces sometimes have trouble navigating with some overly complex backup devices. Find the solution that you will use at the key moment and that will allow you to leave quickly after an incident.

Criteria for choosing the right computer backup

To set up a backup solution for your business data adapted to the needs and the size of your company, and its team of experts, accompany you from the study of your computer environment to the installation of the solution.

Subsequently we offer outsourcing, administration and supervision of your backup solution to ensure you an efficient and fast recovery in case of computer incident.

Watching online movies wasted time or rest with benefits?

A modern person’s job, study and other duties take a huge amount of time. Therefore, it has become vital to pay at least a little attention to yourself and your relatives. Sometimes you need to pamper yourself and arrange yourself a little rest.And what kind of holiday is the most popular in your time, of course watching movies. And for this it is not necessary to go to the cinema. Movie box IOS provide an excellent opportunity to see the latest cinema news at home are no less successful. In addition to a variety of new products here you can find a lot of domestic and foreign films which are rightly considered classics of world cinema. Fans of TV series will not be disappointed either.

How to evaluate the importance?

So, there are plenty of options for an interesting pastime of your whole friendly family. The main thing is not to get lost in this abundance. Gather all members of your family and choose to watch some family movie by downloading Moviebox for android. Joint leisure provides an excellent opportunity for all of you to become closer to each other. In addition, if you choose a good film then your child will have a great opportunity to learn something useful and important. Do not be afraid to not have time. Rest is necessary for your health and consequently for your mood.

There are a lot of book lovers who consider watching movies to be degradation. They say that in 2 hours you can study so much useful information, learn so many chips and recommendations and read so many pages. But writers and representatives of other specialtiesdesire to relax on the sofa with the remote control in hand is absolutely normal.First of all, you can learn new and useful things not only from books. TV is a great tool for both the writer and the copywriter. Advertising on which everyone spits is very useful for creators of selling texts and from there you can not only draw good ideas but also simulate them.

Conclusion: practical idea

Of course, not all the films from the above list may appeal to supporters of exclusively printed works.Only those that impressed you and immediately came to mind should be the ultimate primary choice. Watching movies online is often an addiction. You can browse from so many popular channels and movie lists. That’s not all. In fact you can hear millions of music and can set your time with positive goal. However, watching online streaming movies sometimes brings much expense in order to let you enjoy ultra-HD movies on demand just by your simple figure click.



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